All The Plastic Surgery Rumors Ivanka Trump Has Faced

Much of the plastic surgery rumors surrounding Ivanka Trump have been regarding her face. Multiple surgeons seem to agree that Ivanka may have had work done to her nose. Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin, founder of RIVKIN Aesthetics in Los Angeles, told the Daily Mail in November 2023 that Ivanka’s nose appears more defined than it did in past years. “This is an effect she could have achieved with non-surgical rhinoplasty with filler,” Dr. Rivkin told the outlet. Dr. Sergio Alvarez, CEO of Mia Aesthetics, believes the same, telling The Mirror also in November 2023, “Her nose points slightly up. Balancing on the face, especially for women, the aesthetic beauty standard for a nose for a female is [one that] curves up. For Ivanka, where there used to be a bump, it is now turned upwards.”

Aside from her nose, Ivanka’s chin has also been the subject of debate. Several plastic surgeons have concluded that there has been some type of procedure done in the area. In younger photos, Ivanka appears to have a fuller, rounder face, though recently, her jaw area seems much more defined, as pointed out by Dr. Sam Rizk, who told The Skin Care Edit in September 2022, “If you look at Ivanka’s earlier photos when she was a girl, it seems like she may have had some refinements done to her nose and possibly a small chin implant to advance her jawline slightly.”

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