Bill Clinton Blames His Monica Lewinsky Affair On The Pressure Of Being President

Plenty has happened since Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky had an affair in the late 1990s. Bill and his wife, Hillary Clinton, have maintained a united front. They remained married, and Bill later accompanied his wife on the campaign trail as she vied for a presidential nomination in both 2008 and 2016. Even the docuseries in which he described his affair as a way to relieve the anxiety of heading up the highest office in the land was a four-part series documenting Hillary’s life — but the audience was less than forgiving. 

“I just read about how Bill Clinton used his affair to ‘manage his anxieties,’ and as a professional anxiousologist, I have to say, my dude, have you never heard of L-Theanine, meditation, or picking all the skin off of your thumb?” writer Kat Kinsman quipped on X, formerly known as Twitter. Another user wrote, “I love how absolutely NO ONE asked Bill Clinton why he got a blowjob in office and like 30 years later he has a sit down interview about it for no reason at all blaming his anxiety lmao who is this mans publicist???”

Lewinsky, for her part, has worked hard to create some good out of her life-altering experience. She’s become an advocate for social change, particularly regarding cyberbullying and the #MeToo movement. Lewinsky even wrote a 2018 essay for Vanity Fair in which she asserted that she was ready to release the burden of the decades-old scandal for good.

Post source: The List

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