Chris Evans And Alba Baptista Have A Bigger Age Gap Than We Realized

At the time of writing, Chris Evans is 42 while Alba Baptista is 26. According to Psychology Today, younger men most often romantically pursue women around their age or slightly younger. However, data shows that some men go after women a lot younger when they themselves are significantly older. This is often more noticeable with celebrities, like Evans, due to them being in the public eye. Melanie “Mel” Schilling from “Married at First Sight Australia” has experience as a psychologist and relationship expert, and she spoke with The Latch about the phenomenon of celebrities seeking younger partners. 

“The world of Hollywood is obsessed with youth,” she pointed out. “And this is not just about vanity but also economic survival! Celebrities have been known to go to extreme lengths to preserve their youth (surgically, for example), and dating a younger person is an extension of this.” Schilling added that it’s a way to control the narrative surrounding a celebrity’s youthfulness and relevance in society.

The reality star also believes that age-gap relationships can work if both adults are in the same stage of life and want the same things in the future, noting, “A 50-year-old person could be highly compatible with a 30-year-old if they are both at a similar life stage with similar values, needs, goals and future vision. Similarly, two 40-year-olds could be on completely different life pages and not connect at all.”

Post source: The List

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