Gross Jokes Blaming Meghan Markle & Princess Diana For King Charles’ Cancer Need To Stop

If you’ve been anywhere near X, formerly known as Twitter, since news of King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis broke, then you’ve probably seen a cringey tweet or two … or 10 … about the situation. Despite the fact that Buckingham Palace hasn’t gotten specific about the type or stage of cancer Charles has, many tweets have poked fun at the king’s death being imminent and soon. Many have also roped in his late ex-wife, Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, implying that they’re all rejoicing over the health crisis or even had some sort of supernatural hand in causing it. 

One tweet read, “King Charles waited his entire life to be king just to be diagnosed with Cancer a year after he’s crowned. That’s for Princess Diana;” others, like this one, suggest that Diana is in heaven laughing at the news. Another tweet read, “… seeing “meghan markle has obv performed witchcraft & psychic attacks upon beloved king charles to give him cancer” laid me out on the floor so bad i haven’t been able to breathe for five minutes.” As this tweet shows, much of the discourse and jokes surrounding Charles’ diagnosis have been downright bizarre. But, people who the public thinks harbor a vendetta against the king aren’t the only ones getting pulled into the speculation. Some tweets, like this one, imply that William is celebrating a possible impending rise to the throne.

Post source: The List

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