How Much Does It Cost To Run A Super Bowl Commercial? Why Advertisers Pay Millions

Millions of viewers tune in to the Super Bowl every year, making it a prime spot for corporate advertisements. According to Nielsen, 2023’s Super Bowl game had an estimated 113.06 million viewers, with 77% of TV watchers at the time tuning into the big sports event. In an article from The San Diego Union-Tribune, experts weighed in on the enduring popularity of Super Bowl ads, with an overwhelming majority confirming that the investment serves as a major opportunity for companies.

“In a world of fragmented media with hundreds of channels and other viewing options, live sports in general and the Super Bowl in particular are one of the few areas that can attract a lot of viewers,” Alan Gin, an economics professor at the University of San Diego, told the outlet. “Super Bowl ads are expensive, but there is no other place where such a large audience can be reached.” Because the Super Bowl is guaranteed to draw so many eyes to one screen, a commercial spot serves as the perfect opportunity for big-name companies to start a new ad series, introduce a product, or foster brand loyalty.

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