Ivanka Trump Reportedly Wanted To Take Over Melania’s First Lady Duties

In 2020, many political observers couldn’t help but notice First Lady Melania Trump give her step-daughter Ivanka Trump, a major side-eye at the Republican National Convention. Some even called their interaction a quiet power struggle between the two women. Well, there seems to be a good reason for it. The two women just didn’t get along.

Apparently, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly even had to get in the middle of Melania and Ivanka during their arguments, according to New York Times journalist Michael Schmidt, author of “Donald Trump vs. The United States.” There’s a good chance that Ivanka might have used one of her carefully polished Manahlo Blahnik’s to step on Melania’s toes during their four years in Washington, D.C. But Kelly felt he had more important things to take care of. Schmidt told MSNBC in an interview in January 2023, “He comes into the White House, he thinks that he needs to put in structure and better staffing for Trump, and all of a sudden, he’s confronting far more frivolous issues like fights between the first lady and Ivanka Trump, and Ivanka Trump trying to maneuver, what Kelly was told, to become the first lady in this ceremonial way.”

And that wasn’t the only time that Ivanka supposedly tried to reach for Melania’s First Lady crown.

Post source: The List

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