Speech Expert Tells Us Donald Trump Jr.’s Fast Talk In Court Is Sign Of Nerves

Jess Ponce III said that when it came to Donald Trump Jr.’s fast talking in the New York courtroom, it could have been a combination of two things: “People speak quickly when they are excited or nervous. In the case of Donald Jr., he may have been experiencing both feelings.” A large part of Trump’s testimony definitely involved him speaking excitedly about the Trump properties, and the questions from the defense attorneys set him up to rave about the Trump real estate portfolio.

For Ponce III, that showed that Trump, “was excited to validate his father’s accomplishments. He spoke quickly to make the list of properties feel extensive and impressive.” There was even a PowerPoint slide that was used to accompany his testimony — it was titled “The Trump Story” and involved Donald Trump Jr. taking the court through a version of the Trump family history, starting with his great-grandfather. It then went through various Trump properties and their features.

But there was also another motive, though perhaps a subconscious one, for Trump’s delivery. “By listing the items quickly, it exhausts the listener,” Ponce III explained. “In many ways it is a tactic to overwhelm the receiver. In this instance, his list is overwhelming in size and therefore impressive.”

Post source: The List

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