The Stunning Transformation Of Julianna Margulies

Just a year after Julianna Margulies was born, her parents — father Paul Margulies and mother Francesca Gardner Margulies — split up. She then lived with her mother, and her childhood consisted of traveling back and forth between America and Europe so she could visit her dad. At times, this arrangement could be stressful, and the more difficult moments are what she remembers the most. “When you are on an airplane at the age of 11, not understanding where you’re going, and you arrive and your mother isn’t there to pick you up, you remember the smell of the room, you remember the creases on [the customs officer’s] face,” she once told Shondaland.

And while Julianna’s childhood could certainly be unsteady, she developed a close relationship with both of her parents, nonetheless. Back in 2020, she even represented Francesca, a former ballet student and Broadway actor, at an event for the School of American Ballet. Meanwhile, when Paul, a writer and advertising executive, died in 2014, Julianna wrote a piece for Adweek in honor of his memory, recalling his love of philosophy and most memorable works in advertising. Later on, in 2016, she also celebrated the publishing of her later father’s children’s book, “Three Magic Balloons.” Paul had written the book in honor of Julianna and her two sisters, Alexandra and Rachel. “A balloon man who has been watching them gives them magic balloons because they have kindness in their heart,” Julianna told People.

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