Tom Sandoval on Ariana Suspecting Fans Will Turn on Her, Jax

Tom Sandoval on Ariana Suspecting Fans Will Turn on Her as He Admits He Doesn’t Want Vanderpump Rules Season 11 to Air, & Talks Reuniting With Jax, Plus He's Caught Singing to Rumored Girlfriend Karlee Hale

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Tom Sandoval is not looking forward to the upcoming 11th season of Vanderpump Rules.

Ahead of next month’s premiere, Sandoval, 41, admitted he found it “tough” to keep his composure amid production and looked back on his recent reunion with Jax Taylor, 44, before being caught serenading his rumored girlfriend Karlee Hale at a Los Angeles bar.

Sandoval was asked about his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix‘s recent suggestion that fans could soften and turn on her after watching the new episodes.

“I mean I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Tom regarding Ariana’s prediction. “I hope that people can remember, you know, who I’ve been throughout, over a decade of this show. Who I’ve been most of the time.”

“Obviously, we’re normally in tumultuous situations on our show. Like, we’re always having the one conversation we don’t want to have with the person we don’t want to have it with so it’s tough,” Sandoval explained during an interview with Us Weekly. “It’s tough to keep your composure but you do the best you can.”

Looking back, Sandoval said he’s happy to have wrapped and dreading the new season.

“I’m glad the season’s done filming. But there’s that not ever wanting it to air feeling, too,” he noted.

As for his run-in with Jax last month, Sandoval said their time together was “great.”

“He seems to be doing really well and it’s good to see him,” he added.

After opening up about the new season, Sandoval stepped out in Los Angeles with rumored girlfriend Karlee, whom he was first linked to in May, just two months after he was caught cheating on Ariana, 38, with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29.

He sang to the social media influencer during a “fun and flirty” karaoke performance at a cocktail bar in California.

In a footage obtained by Daily Mail on December 3, Sandoval was seen singing Billy Ocean‘s 1984 hit “Loverboy” to Karlee at a cocktail bar.

“Tom came into the bar with Karlee and a handful of friends and ordered everyone drinks,” a source told Daily Mail. “They kept giving each other the look and were both being fun and flirty. He made a B line over to the Karaoke DJ, put in his song and jumped on stage to sing to her.”

While wearing khaki pants, a black sweater, and a white baseball hat, Sandoval serenaded Karlee as she sat in the front row.

“I don’t know what you’ve got, but it plays with my emotions, I want you so much,” he sang. “Darling, I wanna hold you near, wanna whisper sweet and tender in your ear… Can’t stand the thought of you with somebody else, gotta have your love, gotta have it all to myself.”

“Wanna be your lover, lover, lover boy… I’m too far gone, it’s hard to stop, baby, you’re my dream in motion and I won’t give up. Teasing me with your fire, my finger’s on the trigger, you’re the one I desire ’cause I have this feeling, feeling from nobody else, gotta have your tenderness all to myself,” he continued.

Following the performance, Sandoval and Karlee left the venue together.

“Karlee hopped in the passenger seat and some friends jumped in the back,” the source revealed. “Tom kept low key and Karlee looked amazing. They kept looking at each other and were smiling. It was very natural – there wasn’t anything fake about it.”

While Sandoval was seen with Karlee a handful of times in May, by June, she was denying rumors of a romance.

“Anxiety tip: If you [hang out] with a famous person be prepared that someone will likely take your picture, sell it to the tabloids, [put] your face on blast, tell everyone you’re dating, and give you the worst anxiety you’ve ever experienced. Thank you to my [closest] friends for being there and checking on me right now. P.S. I’m not dating Tom. P.S.S. find better hobbies,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres next month on Bravo.

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