Tragic Details About Michelle Trachtenberg’s Life

By the time Michelle Trachtenberg starred in the Disney movie “Ice Princess,” she had already amassed an impressive 22 film and television credits, including roles in “Inspector Gadget,” “EuroTrip,” and “Mysterious Skin.” She was officially an adult, but her girlish charm and impressive acting chops granted her the ability to portray a high school student and aspiring figure skater champion.

Preparing for her role in “Ice Princess” wasn’t as simple as it may have seemed, though, because Trachtenberg underwent a rigorous training regimen. Speaking with Campus Circle in March 2005, the actor remarked, “It was grueling. I trained for about seven and a half, eight months, and while we weren’t shooting, it was five hours a day and ballet every other day. … I worked really, really hard and definitely have the injuries to prove it.” She hadn’t been an ice skater beforehand, but Trachtenberg was proud to say that she did several maneuvers her skating doubles couldn’t, some of which made it into the final cut.

Such intense training and preparation for her role resulted in Trachtenberg sustaining several injuries. During a 2005 interview with Blackfilm.com, the actor said, “I tore a couple of ligaments, dislocated [my] knee … did a little bit of here and there. It sounds really bad, but those are all things that happen to athletes. I mean, I’m very lucky because I didn’t get any stress fractures, which is one of the hugest things.”

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