Whatever Happened To The Bringing Up Bates Family?

Alyssa Webster (née Bates) married John Webster in 2016 when “Bringing Up Bates” was still on air. But now, the pair has four daughters and a son, Rhett, who was born in 2023. Rhett rounded out the group’s 2023 Halloween costume consisting of characters from the Super Mario Bros. Some fans were confused by the family’s costume, as other members of IBLP — such as the Duggars — do not celebrate Halloween.

This wasn’t the first time the family’s Halloween traditions were called into question. In a 2019 YouTube video, Alyssa and John addressed fan questions about how they can participate and still identify as Christians. While they don’t take their kids out trick-or-treating for hours or embrace the holiday’s spookier elements, they view it as a chance to connect with their neighbors while the sun’s still up. “What we decided to do is to dress up something family-oriented, something fun,” John said. “We’re going to basically be a light to the neighbors.”

On November 9, 2023, Alyssa turned 29. However, she wasn’t looking forward to her birthday, as it also marked the first anniversary of her grandmother’s death. Despite not wanting to celebrate, she still appreciated the well wishes. “I was pleasantly surprised with the out pouring of love from those closest to me,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m so blessed to be showered with such kindness.”

Post source: The List

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