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Experts reveal three things that would make The Last Of Us zombie fungus a reality

The THREE things that would need to happen to make The Last of Us’s zombie fungus nightmare a reality

HBO’s The Last of Us reveals a world where a ‘zombie’ fungus has evolved to infect humans –  but these terrifying organisms really do exist in nature.

The series, culminating in next weekend’s finale, follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and teenager Ellie (Bella Ramsey), who fight to stay alive as they travel across the US overrun by fungus-infected humans.

The fungus, called cordyceps, functions similarly in the real world but only infects ants. The spores infiltrate the ant’s muscles and spread through its body, ultimately taking over its brain. Once the cordyceps have complete control, it navigates the infected insect out of the nest to spread infected fungal spores over its fellow ants.

While The Last of Us is science fiction, fungus specialists told that cordyceps are just three steps away from putting humans in a zombie-like state.

These steps include changes in our body temperature, structure and immune system.

The specialists said that although these hurdles are significant, they are not entirely impossible to overcome.

In a new video, breaks down the three steps needed for the fungus to turn us into zombies.

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