We all technically died… this is what REALLY happens

  • Dozens who have come back from the brink have shared their experiences
  • Some don’t remember , while others have encounters with dead relatives

What happens after death remains a mystery.

But dozens who have come back from the brink have shared their experiences — offering a fascinating glimpse into what might occur when that time eventually comes.

Some don’t remember anything, while others have encounters with dead relatives or describe a sensation of ‘undeniable peace’.

What happens after death remains a mystery. But some who have come back from the brink have shared their experiences

What happens after death remains a mystery. But some who have come back from the brink have shared their experiences

On discussion website Reddit, a user asked about the experience of those who have been ‘clinically dead’ and then resuscitated.

One person, with the username igottashare, said: ‘My heart stopped and every muscle contracted. A nurse rushed over repeating “Keep calm” as they got out the paddles and then nothing.

‘I don’t recall being shocked. Three days later I awoke. I don’t remember anything in between.’

A separate user, posting under the name Horsecaulking, said: ‘I was getting an angiogram done, wide awake watching the screen and talking to the doctor. Alarms started to go off and everyone became panicked.

‘My world became soft and foggy and everything faded to black. Next thing I remember was opening my eyes and hearing a doctor say, ‘We got him back’. It was really a peaceful feeling more than anything.’

A third person, posting as JumpingBean12, said: ‘I was taken in for an emergency hysterectomy and they had to give me 11 units of blood.

‘The night after the surgery, I continually would stop breathing and they told my partner they were expecting me to go into cardiac arrest at any time.

‘I remember seeing my dead aunt sitting on the bedside while I felt my spirit lifting up out of bed. She looked at me and said, “Dammit, it’s not your time yet. Now knock it off!”.’

A user posting as Cutielov5 detailed how they ‘died’ from toxic shock syndrome.

They said: ‘There was this undeniable peace. It’s almost indescribable, nothing mattered, I could hear everything, but there was this moment when I knew I could let go, and it wouldn’t hurt or matter, it would just be easy. 

‘Next thing I know, I’m back. I knew I was gone, but it wasn’t the right time. I no longer fear death today. It makes it easier now to accept it.’

Dr Sam Parnia, a New York-based doctor who has been studying the moment of death for more than two decades, said these moments are known as ‘recorded experiences of death’, as people have actually been ‘in death’.

He said: ‘The reality is that you can die, be dead, and then be brought back to life again. So therefore, what’s happening is these people are having a real death experience.’

On what people think and feel while ‘in death’, Dr Parnia said: ‘You start to travel to a place that you recognise as being home, and we call it home because it means it’s somewhere you thought that you belong. So you’re only going back.

‘In that state they relive their lives, they revaluate everything. 

‘It is often misrepresented as your life flashing before you, but it’s a deep, conscious, purposeful, meaningful re-evaluation. 

‘If you cause pain to people, you relive their exact pain. If you did something that helped someone, you feel that joy.’

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