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Former NFL Player Zac Stacy’s Ex Speaks Out Against His 6-Month Sentence For Domestic Violence—‘He Deserves To Be Better’

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Zac Stacy is going to jail and surprisingly his ex is speaking out in his defense despite him being sentenced for viciously attacking her. “He deserves to be better,” said the woman in an Instagram video.

Right before Thanksgiving of 2021, former NFL Player Zac Stacy went viral on social media. Not for his talents, however, but for a brutal and vicious attack on his ex-girlfriend. In a video, Zac was seen violently punching his ex before throwing her head-first into a television. To make matters even more heartbreaking, he did all of this in front of their 5-month-old son who could be heard in the background. Stacy fled the scene before being arrested at an Orlando airport after an aggravated battery and criminal mischief warrant was issued.

Zac Stacy Sentenced To Only 6 Months In Jail Over Viral Beating Of His Ex-Girlfriend

In the fallout from the domestic violence incident, Stacy pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal mischief, and battery charges against him were dropped. He was recently sentenced to six months in jail and remanded into custody by Orange County Judge Mark Blechman. He was also ordered to have no contact with his ex.

Once the smoke cleared, his victim Kristin Evans shared her opinion on social media. According to TMZ, Evans stated she was against putting him behind bars as a result of his abuse and think that jail won’t provide her ex with the resources he needs to get better.

“I didn’t advocate for jail because the lack of resources, the lack of rehabilitation, the lack of education for mental health, and the psychological effect it may have on our son, having already developed a relationship with his father.

Our son consistently FaceTimed his dad several times a week, he spends the entire weekend every other weekend, and he deserves to have that.

So please give me some grace in understanding that I’m not being easy on Zac, rather I am trying to protect our son from anymore trauma.

Nothing is black and white and not every abuser is the same. People who are willing to put in work to be better, deserve an opportunity to show that they can be better. Especially with a diagnosable mental illness and significant head trauma caused by Football.”

She also revealed Stacy started cognitive behavioral therapy which resulted in “significant adjustment in his behavior and communication.”

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