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Peter Thomas is responding to a “thirsty” rumor that was discussed during the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion and a #RHOP hubby is weighing in while sending shade.

Peter Thomas x Mia Thornton x Wendy Osefo

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On Sunday, Mia Thornton and Dr. Wendy Osefo went head to head while discussing Mia tossing a drink on Wendy in Miami. As previously reported the drink toss came after Mia took issue with Wendy not telling Peter Thomas that she was in town.

Peter, a Thornton family friend according to Mia, was seen telling her that he had “beef” with Wendy because they were in talks to do a joint business venture, but she went missing in action.

During the #RHOP reunion, Mia and Wendy clashed over Mia’s lack of accountability over the Miami moment and during the back and forth, Mia alleged that the Johns Hopkins professor and Peter Thomas had a sexual relationship.

“You assaulted me and don’t let this s*** fool that I’m standing here strong,” said Wendy. “That s*** was f***d up. F*** you forever!”

“You want me to talk about that you f***d Peter? You want me to pull out my receipt of you giving Peter the cookie so you can get a little restaurant, Bar One Baltimore Harbor?”

Now a fed-up Peter Thomas is responding to Mia’s allegation and he’s ready to take legal action.

Peter Thomas Denies Having Sex With Dr. Wendy Osefo

On Wednesday, Peter Thomas took to Instagram to deny the Wendy hookup rumor via a post that he captioned, “With all the s*** I am going through, then come this BULLS***, @bravoandy @bravotv stop using me for y’all rating, please facts check before y’all air these episodes.”

In the post, Thomas flat-out denies having sex with Osefo who he calls a “respectful very honorable” woman. He also threatens to sue Bravo for airing the “thirsty” allegations that Mia made about him because it’s affecting his business.

“Braov this is kind of ya’lls fault, I taped with ya’ll for five minutes and you turned that five minutes into nine episodes,” said Thomas. “In real life, I don’t mess with none of those women, Gizelle [Bryant]–Robyn [Dixon], cool people. Wendy, I shot with her one time, five minutes. I didn’t go out to dinner with her, I didn’t have no late snack with her. She’s a married woman, she’s very respectful, very honorable.

“Mia, for you to be talking about me and Wendy getting together is so disrespectful and so thirsty,” he added. “It’s real thirsty for you to do that just to collect that check from Bravo. There’s nothing cool about that. You can’t just use my name like that, because if you use my name like that I’m going to have my lawyer get in touch with you guys and it’s going to be really ugly. I don’t know any of these women.”

In case you missed it, Dr. Wendy was unbothered by Mia’s allegation and called her a “birdbrain” with no receipts.

So far, Mia has yet to respond—but her husband Gordon Thornton has LOTS to say.

Mia Thornton’s Husband Gordon Responds To Peter Thomas

Gordon a.k.a. G responded to Peter Thomas and took issue with Peter denying that he knows his wife.

According to G, he’s surprised to hear that Peter said he “doesn’t know them like that” because he’s been around their family for years and even needed a loan for Bar One.

“It’s interesting to me that who I thought was my friend Peter Thomas, can say things like ‘he doesn’t know us like that,’” said Gordon on Mia’s IG page.

[…] “I guess he didn’t know us like that all the times we spent at his restaurant supporting his business and certainly I guess he didn’t know us like that when he need $60,000 to pay his bills at Bar One.”

He also responded to Peter’s claim that the Wendy Osefo rumor was hurting his business.

“Just a few days ago I personally spoke to Peter and he said that the publicity is helping his business,” said Gordon.


We’re almost certain that Peter will respond and we’ll keep you posted on his clap back.

Did YOU believe Mia Thornton’s rumor about Peter Thomas and Dr. Wendy Osefo?

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