The ladies of Xscape were skeptical about working together for Bravo’s SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B show, and the decades of drama were so Xplosive that a member stormed off mid-interview on the red carpet. The issue apparently stems from one of the Scott sisters alleging that her sibling stole a whopping $30,000 from her.

Press Junket For Bravo's "SWV & Xscape: The Queens Of R&B"

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Cut the cameras! Fighting about ego, funny money, and solo careers plagued the legendary girl group Xscape for over 20 years and now that they’ve joined forces with SWV for a new tour and show, reality cameras caught every tense moment between the group members. PEOPLE reports the Xscape singers were “reluctant” to reunite and even rekindled the argument from LaTocha and Tamika Scott’s episode 1 shouting match at the Hollywood premiere event.

Xscape Members “Reluctantly Signed On” To Reunite For Queens Of R&B

At the Hollywood premiere of the new Bravo show last Thursday, Xscape talked about their rocky journey back to the stage while the cameras were rolling. When asked about their decision to perform and film together again, Kandi Burruss was candid about hesitating after the group’s lifetime of personal and professional issues.

“I don’t think either one of us was really ready for it, but we reluctantly signed on,” Kandi said.

“Everyone, yeah,” Tameka “Tiny” Harris said in agreement.

“I think everyone had reservations in the beginning, but we’re all here,” LaTocha added.

The Scott sisters struggled to hold it together even for their big night in Hollywood, however. Tamika got so mad at LaTocha’s responses about their heated argument in the premiere episode that she stormed off mid-interview, PEOPLE reports. 

“Just dealing with that because that’s the matriarch of our family, anytime that happens, it bothers me — being the oldest, you never want to feel like mom’s being disrespected and I felt that way,” LaTocha said before her sister chimed in.

“Not disrespected,” Tamika replied, defending herself. “I did not disrespect her. That’s not true. You know I ain’t disrespect my mom. That’s not going to happen.”

“It was disrespectful,” LaTocha said as Tamika left the carpet.

The “Just Kickin’ It” singers already didn’t have the best track record on the red carpet. At the 2022 Soul Train Awards, it was obvious that Xscape didn’t have much “understanding” behind the scenes when everyone rocked matching dresses except for LaTocha. She said she “missed the memo” about the glittering silver gowns dress code like Kandi, Tiny, and Tamika. The rest of the group complained it was an intentional stunt for LaTocha to look like the lead singer in swirling chartreuse.

The Scott Sisters’ Family Feud Was Reignited On The Show

On the show’s first episode, LaTocha and Tamika’s mother, Gloria MacFarlin, served as the mediator to resolve their year-old beef from a 2022 dressing room dispute.

Tamika complained that her sister acted like “Beyoncé” and left her hanging while locked out of her dressing room backstage at the Lovers & Friends Festival. LaTocha still held a grudge about Tamika “body shaming” her in a text to the group about the dispute. Tamika also alleged that her mother who was seen calling her “jealous” has always showed favoritism to LaTocha.

“Everyone who left without making sure we were good can kiss my *ss,” Tamka wrote in the group text.

Kiss my *ss? You know what you saying when you tell a person to keep walking,” LaTocha replied.

“If you had an *ss to kiss,” Tamika said in a reply LaTocha said was hurtful body shaming.

Before they could get past the texts and dressing room drama, Tamika and LaTocha erupted into a shouting match.

Tamika claimed her sister’s husband, Rocky Bivens, stole $30,000 worth of her Xscape royalty checks and the family matriarch demanded that the cameras stop rolling.

People have lots of opinions about what went down on the show and Twitter is clearly picking sides.

Yikes! Fans can expect plenty of action onstage and behind the scenes if the tension is still this thick.

Catch the next episode of SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B on Bravo Sunday, March 12.

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