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Say What? Tyreek Hill Reveals He Wants To Become A Pornstar After NFL Retirement

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Tyreek Hill - COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 09 Stanford at USC

Tyreek Hill – Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Tyreek Hill revealed he wants to become a pornstar after he retires from the NFL which he says he plans to do in 2025.

If you remotely pay attention to professional football you know Tyreek Hill as the fastest man in the NFL. When it comes to speed he is a freak of nature. He’s also one of the cooler players who is more in tune with social media and the Twitch streaming era. According to Complex, he was streaming on Twitch recently with Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Evans and discussed life after the NFL.

While most people want to travel and maybe get into professional sports photography Hill’s plan is a little more intense.

“When you retire, you’re gonna be all over the place,” Evans said. “They’re gonna put you on TV [and] everything.”

Tyreek then responded with a surprising confession. “When I retire, bro, I really wanna be a porn star, bro,” Hill said. “Like, dead serious. You think I got that?” Evans simply replied “I mean, whatever you want, bro. I don’t got an opinion on that.”

Previously Hill revealed he wants to hang up his NFL cleats in 2025. When you look at his career you can understand why he is one foot out the door. In a short period, Hill has won a Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes and snagged four first-team All-Pro selections. Additionally, we can’t forget his seven Pro Bowls. Tyreek is only 29 years old and has achieved every accolade and secured the bag with his four-year deal to join the Miami Dolphins for $120M. Now that he has put his pipe-laying dreams into the air the Porn executives will surely be sending offers his way he can’t refuse.

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