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Stop Protecting Pigs: Philly Judge Dismisses All Charges Against Cop Who Fatally Shot Eddie Irizarry

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We’re not surprised but remain perpetually disappointed.

Some of you will remember BOSSIP’s coverage of the fatal police shooting of Eddie Irizarry in Philadelphia. Irizarry was gunned down by former police officer Mark Dial following a brief car chase down a narrow Philly street that ended when Dial hopped out of his car and almost immediately started firing at the 27-year-old while he was still behind the wheel of his car. Police initially reported that Irizarry got out of the car and lunged at Dial with a knife. That was a lie and the body camera footage and street camera confirm the lie.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dial has been spared any consequences for his violent overreaction as Municipal Court Judge Wendy L. Pew (an ironic last name) has dismissed the murder charges against him.

The decision led to an outburst of support from Dial’s relatives and dozens of police officers who had gathered in the courtroom to support him. His defense attorneys, led by Brian McMonagle, said the shooting was “a tragedy and not a crime” and that the charges — which included first-degree murder — “should have never been brought.”

Pigs in a blanket, closing the ranks.

Sufficed to say, Irizarry’s family is distraught at the idea that their beloved is dead for no good reason and no one will be held responsbile.

Irizarry’s relatives were outraged; some burst into sobs in the courtroom after Pew issued her ruling. Speaking outside the courthouse afterward, his aunt, Zoraida Garcia, said: “The officers can go out here and kill a person that’s not doing anything and get away with murder, because this is what it was.”

The D.A.’s office has appealed the decision and a hearing on that appeal will reportedly be held before next month. Considering that there’s only a few more days left in September, there should be word about the next steps soon.  We’ll be watching closely and will deliver important news when it becomes available.

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